About Us

Accounting and tax services for small to medium sized businesses and individuals.

Accounting services – simplified.

S C and Associates Business Services is a 100% black owned company founded by qualified professional accountants and registered tax practitioners who are affiliated with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants.

The company came as a result of interactions with owners of small businesses and seeing how most of them were not applying basic business principles. This lead to us wanting to start our very own practice where the focus would be on creating awareness of these basic principles.

Through these interactions with business owners, we have learnt that most people are not deliberately non-compliant. Rather they are not always aware of how they should be complying and when. To many, running a business is about putting food on the table – a means for providing for their families. Their main concern is whether money is coming into the bank account. However, by monitoring the business’s income, expenditure and cashflow it allows for better planning and ultimately, long term sustainability.

We believe that discipline, accounting systems, policy changes and a number of other business principles can remedy this. This is the kind of awareness we aim to bring to your attention and help you implement! We want to help you move your business towards being compliant in all business aspects – in an honest manner.

Our values

At S C & Associates Business Services we are committed and dedicated towards all our stakeholders to always conduct our business according to the following values:


At S C & Associates Business Services we believe that honesty is the building block of a lasting working partnership. Honesty and transparency help to foster trust, a critical element in business.


The financial aspect of your business can be stressful and overwhelming. At S C & Associates Business Services, you can rely on us to assist you in all the financial matters of your business.


In all that we do, at S C & Associates Business Services we commit to working in a manner of integrity – openness and honesty! We take our commitments seriously and always aim to deliver on our promises.